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dear sir i am a lawyer with four years experience,i want to know how recruitment is made in indian legal services as i want to join it ?

The Union Government is considering creating a national-level judicial service, on the pattern of the All-India Civil Services, so watch out for updates in the newspapers.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose

Each state usually conducts a competitive examination for recruitment to its Judicial Service. Normally, law graduates with a few years work experience are eligible to appear for the judicial service recruitment exam. Some judicial service offices may be appointed as judges based on their experience, credibility, seniority, etc. Experienced practicing lawyers may also be recommended for appointment as judges. The legal profession offers scope for employment in the government, in defence services, in the private sector, in various public sector organizations, in law firms, in private legal practice, in legal process outsourcing, teaching, research, etc. A law graduate may specialize in criminal, civil, constitutional law, in Intellectual Property Rights law, corporate law, etc.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
I am a Law Graduate from C.C.S.University.I want to know about the institutes providing Corporate Law Diploma in Delhi other than Indian Law Institute....(Vikas Malik)

I have also not come across any such notification. Master of Business Law by National Law School of India University, Bangalore (www.nls.ac.in) in distance education mode may serve your purpose. Indicative example.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
Dear Sir, I have completed B.Com.(with only 46% in 2003) and i m housewife. my husband is a lawyer. I want to join LLB as part time or as a distance learning to support my husband. can you recomend any university for me in gujarat or states closed to gujarat?.... (Humayra)

Some of the law colleges offering full time LLB courses may actually hold classes over 4 hours or so. Doing such a programme would be practically worthwhile because you would be eligible to practice as a legal professional. Find out about the schedule of classes of the local law colleges offering LLB. If the schedule does not suit you then consider distance learning. However, this is usually available as a Bachelor of General Law or Bachelor of Academic Laws or Bachelor of Business Law which would give you academic knowledge but would not give you a professional standing in law. Annamalai University (www.annamalaiuniversity.ac.in) offers these programmes. Madurai Kamaraj University (www.mkudde.org) offers Bachelor of General Law. Indicative examples.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
I m a Law graduate and pursuing LL.M. plz suggest me a career after this and I don't want to go in Litigation?.... (Jasveen Kaur)

You could go into teaching, research, consulting, working for a corporate organization, content providing, legal process outsourcing and so on. These are some alternatives to explore. You could keep track of the recruitment notifications in the prominent dailies or use the services of recruitment agencies, job sites etc to locate opportunities.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
i hav done LLb, is there any PG or diploma course in International law, both in India and abroad, which are the best institutions, i heard London is best for international law, plz help?....... (Pooja)

You may be able to locate LLM in International Law in a few law colleges in India, but UK and US would offer many such courses.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
I am a final year student of LLB. (a) please tell me about the scope of LLM and various institutions which give admission on merit and entrances and also their addresses to contact them for further enquiries. (b) would it be better to give state judiciary (pcs-j) exams directly after LLB or LLM. (Satya)

LLM offers you scope for specialisation, consulting opportunities, research, teaching, as also all the options open to law graduates. Many universities admit law graduates into their LLM programmes on the basis of merit. Check with your local university. As far as I am aware, you need to have some professional legal experience before taking the state judicial services examination. However, if you wish to do LLM, complete it and then plan to compete for the judicial service exam

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
Hello Sir/Madam, I am student of L.L.B Second year in Shivaji University,Kolhapur.Obviously you will thinking that I will ask the question relating law field,and that right. I want to know that what is actually eligibility regarding "Solicitor". I mean that what will I have to do become Solicitor. And may I have to develop my personality.Please think about this query. Rameshwar Sahadev Kadam

Usually, one has to complete three years of clerkship with a senior solicitor and then pass the solicitor's examination conducted by the Bombay Incorporated Law Society before being able to call oneself a solicitor. For more information, visit www.bombaybar.com/association/bodies.php You could actually talk to a solicitor and get a practical view.

By: Ms. Jayanti Ghose
I have completed B.Com. and 3 years L.L.B course [ and post graduate dba from symbiosis ]. Wish to pursue some distance learning diploma in law field [where eligibility should be LLB and not any graduate] or LLM distance learning course. I have come across many diploma law courses but all of them are basically for ANY graduate and not a law graduate. Kindly advice?.....(Ravindra Natu)

Courses in Forensic Science and Cyber laws may be suitable for you.
Please contact National Law University, NH-65, Nagour Road, Mandore, Jodhpur - 342304 (Raj.)
Email: nlu-jod@raj.nic.in
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
Forensic Sciences Department, University of Madras.
University of Delhi, Delhi.
However, there may be a limited choice as you wish to do a course through correspondence. Normally Correspondence courses in Law are not recognised by the Bar Council of India, so please check if the degree you are considering is recognised. You may also contact National Law School of India, Bangalore for doing suitable course through distance learning. As far as regular courses are concerned you may join MS in Cyber Law and Information Security from the offered by Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad website: www.iiita.ac.in. The eligibility is LLB for joining this course.

By: Ms. Hena Naqvi
I want to do LLB under distance Learning mode. Please advise me of the institutes/ universities from which I can pursue the same?..... (KUMAR RANJAN)

Some of the Universities providing courses under the distance Law education format are listed Below:

i) Annamalai University
ii) Bangalore University
iii) Guru Jambeshwar University, Hisar (Haryana)
iv) Kakatiya University
v) Kurushetra University
vi) University of Jammu
vii) University of Kashmir
viii) University of Madras
ix) National Law School of India
x) Kota Open University

By: Ms. Dr. Reena kumari
I am doing L.L.B. Now please sent me career option in Law Field on the following mail address.

There are many openings as legal advisor in various govt. non-govt. organisations as well as law officer/ public prosecutor etc. Keep watching vacancies in EN and other newspapers.

By: Ms. Hena Naqvi
I just want to know about the course which can be done after llb 5 years course except llM.

There are many courses that law graduates may join. Some of them are P.G. Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights; P.G Diploma in Patent Basics and Introduction to IPR, P.G.Diploma in Patent Litigation,P.G.Diploma in Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Rights, Diploma in Intellectual property law,Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (full time), Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (Distance learning),Certificate courses in IPR etc. for further information you can see the featured article in this website entitled Career in Intellectual Prpoerty rights.

By: Ms. Hena Naqvi

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aletterformat.com(ALF) contains information on all types of letter formats. We guide in , How to write a letter attached with a readymade format in .doc(msword) format. In case you find it difficult to type a letter on your own you may download this readymade formats and make necessary changes to print it out.

Here is the list of readymade sample formats available along with guidance in writing the respective letter.

Covering Letters
Resignation Letters
Job Applications
Requisition Letters
Leave Applications
Scholarship Letters
Admission Letters
Bank Letters
Project Front Page
Acknowledgement Letters
To Whom So Ever It May Concern
Reimbursement Letters
Claim Forms/ Letters
Termination Letters
Appointment Orders
Job Confirmation Letters
Contract Letters
Lease Agreement
and much more.
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Airtel is a premier telecom company in India. They offer services such as Mobile, Broadband, Landline and digitalTV to name a few. Their official website talks about their achievements and stuff. I’m copying their vision statement for the purpose of highlighting how their business practices offend us and how they make our lives miserable.

Airtel Vision 2010

Look at the above image. Their corporate vision is so inspiring but their team lacks it. A simple google search would return thousands of customer complaint against them. View a bunch of complaints here. Based on this I can assure you that Airtel is not loved by their customers as they proclaim(In that case this website would never have popped up).

The reasons for this anguish among Airtel include,

Inconsistent billing
Unethical market practices
Harassing the customers
Poor customer care support
“I don’t care” attitude of the call center executives
In this blog I’m crying loud about these people are harassing me over the past few months.

Note : Airtel and Poor servicing are the Trademarks of their respective owners.
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Plain English and modern legal drafting - Part - 1

Part 1: What is plain English—really?

All legal writing should be appropriate for its audience—it should speak to the reader in words, sentences, and forms the intended reader can understand. Thus, transactional legal writing—legal drafting—should be appropriate for its audience: the parties to the transaction and, if they are represented by counsel, their lawyers. But in many transactions, particularly consumer transactions, the parties are not represented by counsel. The transactions are between nonlawyers without counsel or between a sophisticated party, who dictates the terms, and a nonlawyer consumer. Those nonlawyer consumers need plain English. To meet their needs, I offer this broad description of plain-English legal drafting:

Plain English is a form of English that can be read and understand by the typical nonlawyer.
Here are some specific traits of plain-English legal drafting:

Plain English all but forbids insider jargon, legal Latin, and archaic words.
Plain English strictly limits terms of art and always defines them in plain English.
Plain English sometimes requires more words and sentences than traditional legal drafting—to define terms of art and to explain complex subject matter.
Plain English also values brevity and concision—sometimes even at the expense of content.
Plain English often uses the first- and second-person pronouns you and we.
Plain English uses contractions.
Plain English often uses bullet lists, question-and-answer formatting, lots of headings, and document summaries.
Plain English uses shorter-than-average sentences and paragraphs.
For example, here’s a plain-English provision from a form produced by the Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner:

If I don’t pay an entire payment within 10 days after it’s due, you can charge me a late charge. The late charge will be 5% of the scheduled payment.
That’s plain. But ask yourself if that tone and style are appropriate for a complex, multi-million-dollar transaction between large corporations represented by counsel.

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