Power to frame a policy by executive or legislative decision included the power to withdraw the same.

Benefits extended to some persons in an illegal or irregular manner cannot be claimed by others on the plea of equality.

Rule of the game cannot be changed after the game is over.

The procedure for depriving a person of his life or liberty should be fair, reasonable and just.

Government is not accountable to the courts in respect of policy decisions. However, they are accountable for the legality of such decisions.

It is trite law that justice should not only be done but it should be seen to have been done.

The concept of adverse possession of lien on post or holding over is not applicable in service jurisprudence.

An illegality cannot be regularized, particularly, when the statue in no unmistakable term say so.

Necessity knows no law. A person may sometimes have to succumb to the pressure of the other party to the bargain who is in a stronger position.

Ignoring our commitments may make us rationale but not free. It cannot make us maintain our constitutional identity.

The letter of the Government permitting regularization of possession of unauthorized occupants is not valid. Such letters are wholly illegal and without jurisdiction. Such illegalities cannot be regularized.


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