Whether a caretaker can acquire interest in the property after a long possession?

A. Shanmugam Versus Ariya Kshatriya Rajakula Vamsathu Madalaya Nandhavana Paripalanai Sangam Represented By Its President

Citation:CDJ 2012 SC 308

Specific Relief Act – Section 6 – Suit for recovery of possession - Watchman, caretaker or a servant employed to look after the property can never acquire interest in the property irrespective of his long possession. The watchman, caretaker or a servant is under an obligation to hand over the possession forthwith on demand.

According to the principles of justice, equity and good conscience, Courts are not justified in protecting the
possession of a watchman, caretaker or servant who was only allowed to live into the premises to look after the


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