Important Excerpts of Tamil Nadu Land Reforms Act 1961

Important Excerpts of Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act 1961

The Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act 1961 came into force on 6.4.1960. According to this, the maximum extent that one family of five members could hold was fixed as 30 (Thirty) Standard acres. For every additional member in the family, additionally five standard acre were allowed subject to a maximum of 60 (Sixty) standard acres.

  1. Any female member having stridhana property was allowed to keep up to ten standard acres (as on 2.10.1962).
  2. The Ceiling area was reduced from 30 (Thirty) to 15 (fifteen) Standard Acres by Act 17 of 1970. The overall ceiling limit of 60 standard acres are refixed at 40 (forty) standard cares by Act 20/72 from 1.3.1972. This was further reduced to 30 standard acres by Act 39/72 (also from 1.3.1972). Ceiling limit was fixed on Trusts (which were originally exempted) under this Act according to the character of the Trust.
  3. The lands excluded and exempted from the ceiling interalia, are Lands held on 1.3.1972 by religious institutions or religious trust of public nature House sites and lands used exclusively for agricultural purposes.
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