Checklist before contested divorce or mutual divorce (useful for Lawyers)

Name of the Husband and Wife
[As in Official Record] :

E-Mail ID :

Phone No of both :

Addresses of both
[As in Official Record] :

Age of both
[As in Official Record] :

Current employment details of the spouses :

Date of Marriage
[As in Official Record] :

Place of Marriage & Place of its Registration
[As in Official Record] :

Details of property to be exchanged and details thereof :

Whether amount to be paid on any account between the parties are agreed? :

Whether there are children out of the wedlock? :

Address where last resided together
as husband and wife: :

Date when both of them started living
separately without any further reunion :

Whether there are any issues to be
resolved before applying for divorce? :

Whether divorce by mutual consent is possible? :

Details of Reliefs needed from court :

Any other details required for the case like whether you tried if so when, for a Conciliation and why it did not get through


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