Airtel is a premier telecom company in India. They offer services such as Mobile, Broadband, Landline and digitalTV to name a few. Their official website talks about their achievements and stuff. I’m copying their vision statement for the purpose of highlighting how their business practices offend us and how they make our lives miserable.

Airtel Vision 2010

Look at the above image. Their corporate vision is so inspiring but their team lacks it. A simple google search would return thousands of customer complaint against them. View a bunch of complaints here. Based on this I can assure you that Airtel is not loved by their customers as they proclaim(In that case this website would never have popped up).

The reasons for this anguish among Airtel include,

Inconsistent billing
Unethical market practices
Harassing the customers
Poor customer care support
“I don’t care” attitude of the call center executives
In this blog I’m crying loud about these people are harassing me over the past few months.

Note : Airtel and Poor servicing are the Trademarks of their respective owners.


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