SENSE OF LAW: Qualities for Young Advocate

An art can be specified as a talent, skill or ability. Advocacy is an art. Every successful lawyer is a good artist of advocacy. Some qualities are by birth and some can be acquired. In my life I lacked many good qualities which were a major setback in my profession. But I learned by my experience in the profession. I took all the good aspects from the profession and applied it.
Some good tips for a starter in the profession while practising in a Court of law are as follows:

Observe and Remove your fears

The first and foremost thing you needed as an advocate is to remove unwanted fears. As a human being you will fear things. You are first to court representing some matter and you don't know how to and the mannerisms. The quality to represent properly comes from observation and learning. Learn by observing other advocates and the mannerisms. The first and foremost thing you will notice in a court is the mannerisms. These are to be learned first. Then you can curb the fears to a great extent. It will be completely removed from your mind by experience. So be an observer.
Communicate properly:Language
Most of the Courts use English as thier language. Local language is also used. Whatever it may be, the command of language is very essential to represent something in court. The object behind language is to communicate. So do not bother what language you are using. Be sure how you communicate things. This communication should be clear and unambiguos.
Good voice and sound
Voice and sound are synonymous. A good sound will show your confidence level. It may happen that your sound level gets lower when you lack confidence. I do admit that most of you cannot fake it. So do observe things and get a great knowledge of law. If you are not sure of a thing, don't hesitate to ask someone you trust. When you ask them don't forget the questions "what", "why", "how", "when" "where" etc. This is a good method of gaining experience and your sound level will automatically rise. And do not forget to keep it medium and audible also. When making long submissions do not be monotonous. There is also a tendency to speed up the words. Keep it slow, steady and you won the race.

Raise questions

'Known is a drop and unknown is an ocean'. This rule you will get familiar with in the first days of practise in court. You should raise questions and formulate your own questions while hearing submissions and arguments. You can later come back and seek advice of seniors or fellow members and also seek help from law texts. Be keen to develop this habit as it will be a great bonus to the future development where you can easily formulate and answer and find out loopholes and solutions to complex situations in cases in your hand in the future.
Don't mess with the bench and bar
The bench and bar are two equal wings of law. But do not mess with anything in your professional life. A starter will find uneasiness by various factors. He will feel humiliated by various circumstance. Take your time and think. You can earn respect only by your knowledge and good mannerisms. You should be grounded. Show the bar and bench that you have the drive to learn things. Do not be oversmart. Be smart and tidy in your manners and submissions.
Learn things which must not be said
The first thing to learn is to get known with things which must not be said or raised during arguments and examinations. I learned it from experience and not by any books. Each time you argue a matter and examine witnesses, take down the matters and discuss it with seniors and other colleagues. Be clear with the provision of law on the aspect. Find similar cases and points of examination conducted by other experienced.
Be a good administrator
Apart from the general tips and experiences discussed above, it is always better to be a good administrator. You have to keep a disciplined time format for your profession. It does not matter under who you are working as a junior or how long you intend to work. The thing which matters is how you work as a junior.
So in concluding the life of an advocate is always of a student. Keep the drive to learn things and be a go-getter. Participate in competitions which are healthy to the profession and form a good caucus of advocate friends. Participate in online forums connected with law. You can even start a blog connected with law where you publish all the useful things which you came across in the profession. GOOD LUCK.

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