Credit Card Guide | Credit Card Default solutions: Credit Card Default Settlement - Step by Step Guide

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Here is how you have to deal with it. When you have queries on credit card defaults and delayed payments which has taken the payment obligation of the banker to few Lakh rupees.

Talk to the bank who issued the card and tell them you would like to settle off in good faith and ask for concession and negotiate hard, yes put all your negotiation skills to work here.

Once you both settle on some amount these are the steps you MUST and Should follow. It is better to negotiate with the bank itself rather than the collection agent because Bank Pays to the Collection Agent commission as high as 15% of the recovered amount and he will haress you until you pay it to the bank because the agent is awaiting his comission.

§ Get a letter from the bank in which they mention "Final Settlement of Outstanding dues" with your complete name, address and credit card number on which you have defaulted.

§ Make your payment by CROSSED CHEQUE only

§ As soon as the payment is done, close this credit card account by giving writing instructions saying w.r.t Final Settlement, I have cleared all the dues and want this account to be closed. [Keep a proof of closing this account, say banker stamps on the second copy of the lettr or send it by registeredA.D]

Preserve all this documentation for the next 5 years, atleast.
Chances are the your name will be in the CIBIL defaulters list, give time of 6 months before you apply for another loan so that the bank clears your name off defaulters list.
§ Work and Plan your finances well before you opt for any other form of credit - card, personal Loan, auto loan etc

§ Next time when you apply for any kind of credit, if your name is still in the defaulters list, then you have every right to know on which account you have defaulted. If this is the same as the credit card account on which you have defaulted, then all those documents of Final Settlement, crossed Cheque payment will come in handy here. Attach attested photocopies and try to get your name cleared off the defaulters list. Don't submit the originals you have.

§ And finally you have to live with this painful process.

If Settlement Amount is as Large as Rs 300,000 [3 Lakh] ? Hire a lawyer because the deal is big and in any case save all the documentation.



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